Web Design

Every Business Needs A Website?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Yes Dorothy, every business needs a website.

There is a hidden restaurant in a very small city. During the day the lights are off but somebody’s home. The sunlight lights the place. Dining furniture? Yep. Somewhere a few backyards are missing their patio furniture and it’s not the good stuff either. It doesn’t look this place is open for business. One person takes care of the duties of the host, waiter, cashier and part-time cook. The food is cheap and mostly edible.

Even this business has a website.

Website URL Change; 301 Redirect?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

A 301 redirect is a good idea when a few URLs change on a website but not when the entire URL structure of a website changes. Keep this in mind: What happens to all those inbound links from other websites? What happens to the search engine rankings? Way too often you can say “bye” to the rankings.

Too many programmers tell their clients, “don’t worry. We’ll do a 301 redirect to let the search engine know that the page has moved”. That plus 50 cents will get you a free cup of coffee! Keep in mind the programmer gets paid for their programming and not if the 301 redirect works or not. Nobody can tell a search engine what to do. Forget the 301 nerd speak. You are moving the page and suggesting that the search engine make a note of it. Remember… you are the one that has to live with the damage if things don’t work out 🙂